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Experience the visit to the Vineyards around Dodoma.

The history of winemaking in Tanzania dates back to the 16th century, when the Portuguese brought the first grapevines to the region. However, it wasn't until the 1960s that winemaking began to take off in earnest, with the establishment of the state-owned Dodoma Wine Company in Dodoma. Which is now Domiya Estate. Today, the Dodoma region remains Tanzania´s premier wine-producing areas, known for its high-quality grapes and ideal growing conditions. The region´s warm, dry climate and well-draining soils provide the perfect environment for growing grapes, and winemakers have taken full advantage of these conditions to produce some of the finest wines in the country.

Wine at Domiya Estate

Enjoy tutored wine tasting experiences, accompanied by elegant Italian and African food platters,
and sample exclusive wine only available at Domiya Estate

At Domiya estate we give our clients a unique experience of fine dining paired with the wines produced by our sister compaNy Cetawico Ltd. Our foods are produced from fresh ingredients and our chefs all love to cook and cook with passion; the wine makers carry the same qualities and attention to the detail for wine making, making the dining experience a celebration to the palate. But also for non wine drinkers we blend tropical flavours of fruits to make unique and fresh juices and teas. Our restaurant has acquired a reputation of making delicious meals this is also because we use fresh spices, herbs, vegetables and salads from our own gardens. The menu has typically international dishes with a big Italian and German influence but also we make infusion Tanzanian dishes. Don’t miss our Tanzanian plater which is a food journey through various regions in Tanzania. We do wine tastings where one gets to try the various wines from the Cetawico family. The wine steward will also give you a history of the wines and also a brief description of the characteristics and uniqueness of each of the wines. This is accompanied by various “Amuse Bouche”

Our Wine Collections

the Variety

At Domiya estate in the evenings, we organize a wine tasting where the guests will have the chance of tasting six of our different wines, where they will be given a presentation and tasting notes on the unique characteristics of each of the wines.

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